Event Design

Influencers has worked with countless brands to develop experiences that create deep and meaningful relationships between the brand and their ideal audience. To accomplish this we design each experience from scratch on the latest neuroscience, biology, behavioral economics, psychology, etc.

Floral Experience

Our four-step processes ensure that both the brand and attendees are served by the experience.

  1. Define An Outcome: We consider what brand values and ideas we want attendees to be aware of, and how we want people to emotionally relate to  the brand when they leave.
  2. Research: Our team finds the most relevant scientific research on the topic and how to apply it.
  3. Design: We create an event/program from the ground up, such that it provides the community of guests the wonder, novelty, and exclusivity they love and respond to. All the while, fulfilling the brand’s goals
  4. Curate: We invite the right audience of influencers to match these joint objectives.

For more information on how we can partner either on an event for the Influencers or for another community, please contact us: