Founder & Chief Scientist

Jon Levy is a behavioral scientist best known for his work in influence, networking, and adventure. He is affiliated with Kellogg School of Management doing research out of C Lab. Jon specializes in applying the latest scientific research on human behavior ranging from neuroscience and psychology to economics and biology, to transform the ways companies approach marketing, sales, consumer engagement, product design, and Influencer program development. He is the author of The 2 AM Principle: Discover the Science of Adventure and his second book is in the works now.


Creative Director

Liam Alexander is a critically acclaimed internationally exhibited fine artist, and photographer. With the intention of catalyzing social change through artistic expression Liam works on community focussed creative projects such as:  IThou at the NYU Kimmel Galleries,  The Exchange at Rush Arts, and forthcoming documentary series #StrokeOfGenius (2018). In addition, Liam serves on the board of directors of the New York chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers.


Operations Manager

Mary is the incredible person who runs our community operations, research, and manages the advisory board. Thanks to her efforts we have become the organized and efficient team we are today.


Influencers Concierge

Codi has, for the past two years, been responsible for all communications, invitations, and logistics for the influencers events, ever since the retirement of our previous Concierge, J. Pennyworth. Codi is often found at our events ensuring everything runs smoothly and according to our high standards.


Lead Researcher

Finding the right community members is a full time job. BH spends his days scouring the media, publications, and events to build the most diverse, interesting and exciting community possible.

Membership Committee

People are often curious how we decide if someone is an influencer. The fact is, most of us can only really know one or two industries in-depth. To ensure diversity and the best possible membership, we maintain a board of leaders across all industries. They are the true selectors of our membership. To protect them from unwanted solicitation, we keep their names private not only from the public, but from one another.